Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I buy Marpa products?

You can find our products exclusively in any Mercadona store.



Can the cured ham shoulder, in any form, contain allergens, such as eggs, milk, cereals, …?

None of our products contains traces of allergens, and all are 100% gluten-free so this is a healthy food for all types of consumers – both adults and children. Additionally, our products are rich in oleic acid (unsaturated fatty acids) which is why this is considered to be a product that is healthy for the heart.
All our products are subject to a traceability system that allows them to be tracked at any stage of the process.


Do your products contain genetically modified organisms?

None of our products contains any allergenic or genetically modified components, thus meeting consumer needs .


What is the cured ham shoulder’s nutritional information?

Average values ​​in 100 g
Energy value: 1133,1 kJ / 271.9 Kcal.
Fat 17,2 g
of which is saturated 6,6 g
Carbohydrates 1,8 g
of which are sugars 0,27 g
Proteins 27,4 g
Salt 4,8 g


What is the origin of your raw materials?

100% of our ham shoulders come from certified national farms. All raw materials are subject to an exhaustive analysis plan in accredited laboratories that guarantees their quality and safety for the consumer.
All our suppliers are subject to an internal auditing plan that guarantees compliance with the required specifications.


Where should I start cutting a whole ham shoulder joint?

If you have any query that does not appear here do not hesitate to contact us directly, or on our customer service form marking “query” in the subject line.

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