Tradition and Technology

Based on the most traditional processes, the development of the MARPA cured ham shoulder consists of several stages, all perfectly defined in terms of features and duration and combined with the latest technology to provide the quality of our product.

During the reception phase, we make sure the selected raw material meets the quality requirements that ensure the excellence of our product.
Next the salting process takes place that assists the preservation and drying, whilst contributing to the development of the colour and aroma typical of cured products.
The post-salting phase is performed in order to achieve even distribution of salt inside the joints. In this phase the constituting water is also gradually removed.

The curing and maturing phase is always carried out in modern premises equipped with the latest technology which reproduces the environmental and climatic conditions of natural curing, and enables constant and controlled quality and hygiene conditions at all times, because at Marpa nothing is left to chance. During this phase the drying of the product continues.

Finally, the ‘cooking’ takes place, continuing the processes that give the ham its specific aroma and flavour, thus achieving an optimal cure.
Once the ham shoulder’s development and curing process has been completed, which takes around 7-8 months, the different sizes for sale are prepared by boning and cutting the joints at our Benifaio (Valencia) premises, which are equipped with the latest technology that ensures the maximum hygiene conditions and food safety for our products.

Marpa’s desire is to always guarantee the maximum quality and safety of its products in order to satisfy all the final consumer’s (our “boss’s”) expectations, which is why our facilities adhere to the most stringent international certification for ​​food safety and quality, such as the International Food Standard.

In addition, all our products enjoy an exhaustive traceability system that guarantees the highest quality and control over the entire production process.

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